User Rating: 10 | NBA Street V3 PS2
the good: huge costumization options and unlockables,gameplay is fast and fun, smooth gameplay and graphics, good hip hop music (even though usualy i dont like hip hop), "street challange" mode is genius...I finished it twice and i'm playing my third "street challange" now, dunk contest is REALLY fun!!!, plenty of fun modes, annoncers are good, great controlls

the bad: there isnt any bad...mybe they could have added a one-on-one mode..exept for that I love this game!!!

some more good: good online!!, u can costumize ur baller (looks, skills, cloths etc...) u can costumize your court, u can even costumize your original shoes...genius!!! on street challange mode u choose players for your team, you can swap players for players from other teams, if u r good u can be signed on a nba basketball team..(i'm signed for chicago bulls!!!!), you have to take care of your players as if your are a actual team captain (make sure they all get to play on games and not leave anyone out, if you dont win enough games they will be unhappy..your team will also have rival teams that will hate your team and challange you out for games.., once you get enough trick points in a game after preforming tricks you can dunk a "gamebreaker" that will give you 2-4 points (depending how well u did the game breaker) and have the other team lose 1 point f*cking genius!!!!
u can also go on tournimants on the street challange!!! I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!! (its my favorit basketball game and my third favorit ps2 game after nfs most wanted and fight night round 3)

its so fun!!! best basketball game I have ever played and I played quite a few..
go buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!
sorry for the long review...but u just have to buy this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!