NBA Street V3 is totally awesome. Easy and Fun gameplay with a all new street challenge make this a must have for any

User Rating: 9.1 | NBA Street V3 PS2
sports fan. Street returns for the 3rd time. My favorite aspect of the game is the street challenge where you make a baller and pick two teammates and have 10 weeks to get to the top of the street basketball world. You can get points by winning dunk contests, games, and almost anything. And you use those points to buy clothes and accessories for your baller, make and design shoes, and design a court. Really you just use the analog sticks to move, block, steal, and do combos. The graphics are good for the ps2. The commentators during games get a little old after a while. So overall this game is a must have for any sports fan accually for any gamer. Its just plain fun.