Look great,plays great,but it's not that exiciting after a while...

User Rating: 9 | NBA Street V3 PS2
The Good things:
-Fantastic graphics
-Nice looking tricks,and animation
-Fast gameplay,not interruped with referee's whistles:)
-Controls are nice
-Fun playing in Multiplayer mode

The Bad things:
-very few game modes,if you finish the street challenge,there's nothing left to be done...
-Nothing special when you finish Street Challenge
-Sort soundtrack:this game is fairly long to play,and there is only about 15 music tracks?? That really bugged me out.
-When playing in Street Challenge,the random challenges like tournament,and pic up games sometimes come to fast 3-4 at a time,the other time nothing...

Overall it's a real great game,i enjoyed it,but it got a little repetitve at the end.