nba street v3 is a true basketball game!

User Rating: 9.7 | NBA Street V3 GC
i dont speak english ! hope you understand

ok! first of all i need to say that i love basketball! and this game gives all what its needed to make a basketball game exciting
the game is simply the best referring to basketball games... why? let me tell you.... you can create your team, you can customize your character with tons of things! from the pants to the chains, and things like that ... you can even create your own kicks and your own court! oh! you can also learn new tricks and customize your "arsenal" of tricks during a match... what is better is that they are tons of tricks!
controls are excellent... the trick stick gives tons of combinations! you use the turbos and the trick stick at the same time to make thousands of tricks!.... gamebreakers are soooo gooood you can combine the trick stick with the turbos also to make air acrobacies! you can make alley oops while you are jumping during the gamebreaker... oh ! and when you finish a gamebreaker a signature of the player will appear!
music is really good during matches but sometimes can get a little bit repetitive...
players design, and court design are awesome... courts have some nice light effects...
you have many things to unlock! you need to win many matches in the mode where you create your team,trophies,teams,nba legends, and street legends.... this will maintain you entertained with the game a very long time!...
if you like basketball specially streetball this is the best game you can get! oh and you can also learn some new tricks!
finally ........... just play it !