Here, it is the play which will be able to keep you in breath during hours… It is fun, sympathetic, the music tears all.

User Rating: 8.4 | NBA Street V3 XBOX
Carrying on its road quietly, EA BIG leaves us this year new a opus NBA Street, last volume going back for its part to 2003. Far from revolutionizing the formula initiated by this series of tennis shoe of street, NBA Street V3 should despite everything achieve the unanimity once more. By showing a plume without terminals which has equal only distilled omnipresent fun along the parts, the title of the Canadian company takes pleasure in a ludic pleasure of each moment. Michaël bus from now on you prepare are not more the only one with knowing to fly.

It from now on is acquired that EA BIG found the formula secret for us concocter blow on blow of the small masterpieces of capable user-friendliness to satisfy the neophytes and in love ones with the “sports attitude”. I do not know if you already thought of it but it is rather incredible to note with the passing which these Canadian developers have for the time being almost no average play with their credit. And well, it is surely not NBA Street V3 which will change gives it knowing that this title is undoubtedly one of the best plays of tennis shoe of street at present. Admittedly, one will be able to perhaps reproach him for not bringing more innovations since NBA Street Vol.2 but considering the contents are packed despite everything of some modes of play additional and easy ways of gameplay, one will not make the fine mouth.

Thus let us start by making the turn of the playground by throwing an eye what awaits us. If you already touched preceding shutter, you will find with little thing close the same modes of play. First of all, the first thing to be made will be of going in the section Bonus V3 where you will find bands advertisements of plays, a clip on Beastie Boys (which one can direct) and especially a teachware who will learn to you, by the means of vidéos, all that you must know to start to play while benefitting a minimum from his possibilities. On this subject, I find really damage that EA BIG persisted in this kind of teachware. It had been preferable to choose an interactive drive made up of small tests, this being much more convincing to remember orders. You will have access to a drive of course but this last proceeding without trainer, his interest appears more than limited. In short, after having made knowledge with the software, you will be able to choose an Immediate Match, history to see whether all returned well in your small head. Then, you will find the simple Match or the Street Challenge.

This mode, already present in the NBA Street vol. 2, will propose to you to furrow the United States to try to become a legend. However, you will have well this time right at a small innovation sympathetic nerve which will enable you to create your own ground. Moreover before launching you in this mode, you will have to also create your player. And to as much say, that you will be able to work according to your desires, so much the possibilities are enormous in each of the two cases. As regards the ground, you will be able to choose the type of coating, basket, of arch, to affix tags on the walls, to add benches, to modify the background, to choose if you want to play during the day or during the night, etc the personalization of your player is even more impressive and you will have the impression to be true Doctor Frankenstein. Apart from the physical appearance of your foal (size, weight, hairstyle, length of nose, prominence of the jaw…), you will be able to also pass by a store to buy clothing, shoes, jewels, accessories and much more still. Do not forget either that the possibilities of customisation of your ground and your player will be increasingly complete as you gain PS (Street Points) which will enable you to buy more goodies or to improve competences of your player (shootings, dunks…). Then when you have a beautiful ground only with you and a sportsman who goes with, you can throw yourselves in the race with glory. And you will have what to make between the 3 against 3, the tournaments, the special tests (with their own rules) or the new contest of dunk. Already available in NBA Live 2005, that of NBA Street V3 wants to be more open, although little impassioning with the final one. Presented like a Hollywood show, you will be able to face to 7 other players (controlled by the console or a friend) and to even choose obstacles (stools, ladders, buckets) in order to make even more spectacular your figure. Essential to obtain a good note of control and to garner a maximum of points. It's a pity that the whole turns quickly in round. Lastly, the mode Ligue NBA Street will be also return. You will be able to face the 30 teams of the league there over one season of 14 matches, including/understanding playoffs and a finale with best of the three matches. Moreover, this mode wants to be very important since you will gain more PS at the time of an “official” match than at the time of a traditional match and your reputation will increase more quickly.

And from an artistic point of view, which mask NBA Street under its cap? And well V3 pardi! Approximately, the play will make work the small components of your console, all this for the single pleasure of your retina. Keeping the typical esthetics of plays EA BIG, NBA Street V3 is a graphic little marvel. Moreover, nothing was forgotten, the dozen grounds being as beautiful as the players who have superb animations. It is necessary also to see the monstrous tricks that you can realize. If most impressive of them will be supported by luminous special effects (in all the directions of the term), more “simple” has nothing to envy to them, each figure giving place to gracious and éthérés movements. The band is also of quality with more or less lit comments and musics hip-hop/rep. a more eclectic musical environment would have been on the other hand liked. With when of the tennis shoe of street on consoles with Massive Attack or of Keith Bulge?

The gameplay also underwent some small innovations to him. Always based on matches in 4V4 (even 3V3 or 1V1) where the very fast offensive actions constitute the marrow of any meeting, you will be able this time to carry out more easily of counter or the interceptions. Each one of these actions as well as the dunks and other baskets will bring back PS to you and more you will carry out tricks of madness, plus you will obtain some. With this intention, a new system of controller of trick makes his appearance. Now when you dribblerez or carry out a dunk of Gamebreaker, it is enough for you to direct the stick in the desired direction or to press on the keys of turbo to carry out a trick. This system (simply brilliant) will be also used to you to counter or intercept. Nevertheless, I find personally that these defensive actions remain too simple to realize and break sometimes the rate/rhythm of a match, the lost balloons being from now on current currency. But with the fact Gamebreakers, kezako? And well, it is about a gauge which will fill when you carry out tricks, combos (sequence of several tricks, counter, interceptions, etc), of the dunks or of the shootings. Once filled, you will be able to carry out remote Gamebreaker, i.e. shootings or dunks with three players. Moreover Gamebreakers will remove a point with the adversary and will increase the amount of your shootings sometimes adding you up to 5 points. To the ray of the innovations, the icons tricks and delivers it tricks make also their appearance. Now, at the time of a match, icons will appear after each trick carried out. Illuminated arrows will indicate the direction given to the controller trick whereas the colors correspond to the level of the trick, influenced by the number of turbos which you will have used at the time of your figure. The idea is interesting but to say as much that it is not used for large thing since the tricks carried out from now on will be listed in a book of tricks. The tricks of 1st level will be available upon the departure but to reach those of the second and third level, you will have to place in a combo a trick of the first corresponding level. Then, the book will propose to you to personalize the tricks your player to enable him to carry them out during a match.

In all the cases, you will put much time before controlling the 32 tricks play (for a total of 96 variations) since if the whole is perfectly playable, it should be said that the handiness is not very instinctive at the beginning, at least if you never touched at a NBA Street. However, if you pass by the teachware and after some matches, you will make a success of of the matches all more jouissifs the ones that the others. You will be able to then combine Alley-oops, the dunks with two players, the pretences or of the technical epic history to confine well your adversary while garnering Street Points. Moreover if you have the impression that your gauge of Gamebreaker rather quickly does not assemble, thus test combinations of the style: Back 2 Dad + 4 or 5 figures thanks to the Controller stick + dunk with turbo. The whole will pay to you then between 15 and 20.000 points and according to this principle, you will be able at least to place two Gamebreaker during a part.

I think that it is useless to continue my small presentation. NBA Street V3 is a small jewel of user-friendliness and of beauty, not bars. More achieved, more fun and more technique that the preceding edition, this new shutter of the series especially has a disrespectful ludic potential which will scotchera you with your console a very long moment, if you have some friends eager to face you. One would of course have appreciated to have a mode Online, the play lending oneself perfectly to this exercise, but the title accepting the parts to 4 players, it is not so serious only that. A new success for EA BIG and a new reason to impatiently await the next episode of the saga for the players, do not have there to say, it's definitely in the game.