the BEST of the series

User Rating: 9.5 | NBA Street V3 PS2
NBA street v3

One of the best additions to NBA Street V3 is the new Street Challenge captures your attention and definitely gives you enough variety in games and customization to keep your interest for hours.the overall goal of the Street Challenge, to create the ultimate baller, give him some tats, a goofy hairdo, and some throwbacks, create a pair of shoes, even create your own court to play on, then work your way from zero to Street hero. Every day you'll have a variety of game play challenges and it's up to you to pick the game.

the graphics are great.good animation of the players.stadium or courts environment is also perfect.

SOUND 9/10
The announcer and soundtrack choices are extremely at best.

The Trick Stick and controllable Game breakers really add a new level of playability to the series.overall the game play is great.

overall 9.5/10

buy this game and take nba street to a new level