really fun - takes a big step up from other street games before it- big step up.

User Rating: 8.5 | NBA Street V3 GC
the good-

getting huge combosis really fun
trick stick is great
more tricks
new tricks you can name tricks
attributes and stats are more in depth 9 there is one for rebounds and it goes up 2 99)
gamebreakers are so fun to do because they are interactive.
new game modes are really cool
dunk offs are extremely fun
multiplayer is AMAZING ( team based or not)
it has all of the new players on the correct team
street legends are back like stretch, dime , biggie littles, phat, takashi and more
facial and body editing is more deep than before


the announcer has new things to say but not much, its always the same old same old
gamebreakers are way to easy to get
blocks are too easy
scoring is to easy, they let you drive

GET THIS GAME ALL STREET FANS- well its great but not a must own