It's a street basketball

User Rating: 8.5 | NBA Street V3 XBOX
You may already know this game if you played NBA street v2 before, besides i'm reviewing this game for X-box so there is one advantage for sure. The graphic is cool almost makes the game live.
And for America i know you wouldn't want to miss this game, there are some stars from the NBA in the game. The actual fun thing to play alone or offline is by doing the "street challenge" you make your own character and you pick your own team from the beginning, designing your own basketball park, and after you play awhile you may unlock some items like cool clothes and shoes.
In the challenge you will face day and night game everyday for 3 months.
Besides street game there are dunk contest, professional league, and your arch enemy will sometimes challenge you.
The music here is nice too. From the menu to when you play the music will keep you at ease makes the game a little engrossing. So the music is nicely done here.
The rest of the game option is similar with the previous version and i think you can acknowledge it once you try it.
Good point :
1. Smooth almost real graphic (thx to xbox)
2. Great music
3. You can play like a street basketball player

Bad point :
i dont think i have found any bad point