Awesome...As usual

User Rating: 9.2 | NBA Street V3 XBOX
These series that EA Big kicks out....damn. These guys got the formula right. They know how to make a game look great as in visuals and the gameplay magnificient but the overall sounds....ah thats what they need improvement in. Gameplay- This game kicks major a$$ in terms of gameplay. You may think that EA might not be able to make a game better than Street V2 and that V3 would just be a revamped remake of V2. But this game besides the announcer, more on him later, is a completely different game. The dunks look even more fantastic before, the AI is about the same but you can choose the difficulty, and the gamebreakers are phenomal. These dunks i was talking about look so beautiful, you know how in some of the older versions of the series how some just looks painful and not too realistic, well damn these dunks blow those older versions out of the water. Speaking of dunks, there is a whole new dunk contest that you can enter and that is a bunch of fun too, not as in depth as NBA Live 2005 but damn close. There is also a spot where you can create your own court, now that is just fun to do in my opinion. This court is your home turf and you can make it look however you like, now if that dont scream genius, i dont know what does. Overall though the wont be dissapointed. Graphics- EA did very good on this aspect as well. The players are even more detailed than before and just the level when you compare the three versions of Street this version's level is just astounding in my opinion. The players look great and the way you can detail your own character is just awesome. Sound- Now this is where EA has some trouble. I do like how theres an announcer giving background of the courts you play at, but thats about as far as it goes. The commentator during the game is the same as last and if you didnt like him before, you will think he is even more annoying now. Plus the tracks, EA has gotten it right in their other sports games why cant they get some better ones for this series. Those two gripes are my biggest for this game but it wont affect you at all cause you can just turn down your volume and play some better music on your own so no problem.