I love this game soo much!

User Rating: 9.6 | NBA Street V3 PS2
Okay, when a series has constantly delivered as not only an amazing sports game, but an amazing game that anyone can enjoy, you have high standards for the next one in the series. Does it deliver, the answer is a big fat yes! Now it does have some problems like your character beeing terrible half of the game in street challenge, but that is still the best mode! I wish they still included the mode where you take an NBA team through the league, but hey its all good! The new graphics style is a much needed improvement from the games old one. I love the dunk contests better than NBA Live's. They do get boring after awhile but its a nice addition. I love unlocking the Beastie Boys but I wish PS2 and XBOX got some special characters too. I love this game alot and it is really fun! Grab the multitap(since online is only 1-on-1) and get ready to rumble!