One of the best basketball games ever made

User Rating: 9.7 | NBA Street V3 GC
Wow just wow...i had no doubts when i bought this game that it was gunna be amazing , and after my first couple hours of playing i was hooked. The gameplay for the game has changed a bit but is still very familiar if youve played any other the other nba street games , theres even an option to change the controls to the original style of the original street. The right analog stick is now what you use to pull off tricks and it doesnt take too long to get use it , it fits good. You need to build up enough points to get a gamebreaker by pulling off tricks , get a few might i add. Once you get a gamebreaker you just simply hold L+R and the shooting button to do one. Now heres where the cool part comes in , as it changes to the cutscene of you doing the gamebreaker is this point of time you try to pull off the sickest dunk/shot using the R alaong stick , passing back and forth between members and such. The animations for the game breakers are ridicoulsy cool looking especially. The sound for this game is awesome , especially if you like hip-hop , some very big artists are on the sound track , such as Guerilla Black , Beastie-Boys , Trick daddy and such. When your playing a game , theres always a crazy commentator talking who the hell knows what and theres always a track playing in the background. Theres never any boring silence in the game. The graphics In the game are superb. Beautiful animations , the courts are extremely detailed looking and theres a plenty of them. The character models looks great and have this very ''street'' kinda look to them. Framerates are great , the character customization is very detailed and has tons of options to choose from , such as facial hair , skin colour , hair styles , faces , height , weight , shoes , jersesys , body etc. The game has plenty of unlockables to keep you busy and make the game experience feal rewarding. Overall this is one the best basketballs games to come out and you owe it to yourself to pick up this amazing game.