Better than NBA streets vol.2, But does't feel as fresh. It's hard to describe the feeling.

User Rating: 9.1 | NBA Street V3 GC
:Gameplay: This game has very good gameplay. The changes EA sport Big made to this game from the last were good changes that makes this game stand out from other basketball games. For instance, this game has a new trick that allows you to freestyle on 24 different moves. That if your player has good ball handling skills. But the ones who don't can do some moves. The dunk contest is good too. But there are some problems. Its too easy to steal and you can goal tend while blocking. But it's still has good gameplay. :Graphics: The only problem here is that the players have a strange shine. Like they were glazed in polish. But that's it. The graphics are good. :Sound: There are some sounds that don't sound like they should. Another thing I should warn you about is the very annoying announcers. Turn him off. The music was way better in NBA street vol.2. :Value: After you finsh the whole game and unlock all of the Legends, it can get old really fast. So I suggest you trade it in. :Tilt: I though this was a good experience. So everyone who's anyone should try this game.