Nba Live 18 review: 7/10 can be an 8/10 if patched correcting some ugly errors.

User Rating: 7 | NBA Live 18 PS4
Pros: Graphics: Player models and builds fit each player for the most part with leaner and bigger builds available on The One. Facial appearances are on point for 80% of players. Game play: On the ball defense, Dribbling System, off and on the ball movement, shooting Effective plays offensively and defensively and nice highlight plays on both ends of the ball. Player traits are realistic. Post play and pick and roll is effective. Ankle breakers and blocked dunks are fun to watch and players actually are effected so u can pull up and shoot an open shot or drive and finish. Modes: The One is complete and strickly about hooping in the league and streets, s The one career IS NOT CURRENCY DRIVEN you earn your skills based on how you play, Deep my player customization and dope gear, Ultimate team challenges will keep you interested still waiting on legends Cons: Gameplay: Ball passing awkward at times, slightly delayed response to passes, AI needs to respond better when its time to rebound or loose ball steals, Shooting fouls are random and confusing. Some times movement looks robotic at times and players emotion goes from human to andriod at times. Modes: No Edit or customization for rosters for Franchise or draft class creation, Connected Franchise would be great, Limited UT superstar players (As of now). No season or playoff for WNBA. Practice mode for your player should be available on the one where you can earn XP. If you just like basketball with a touch of an arcade feel and dont care about graphics looking realistic as on TV, Live 18 is a great pick up.