You Called This A Comeback, EA?

User Rating: 2 | NBA Live 14 PS4

For over 20 years and some backcourt violations later, I live, breathe, and play NBA Live since the very beginning in 1994. Every single year, they were the Michael Jordan of sports games. But after a brief 3-year absence since NBA Live 10, things have changed and NBA Live have never been the same. A reboot of NBA Jam was re-released, NBA Elite 11 didn't see the light of day since it was scrapped, and I thought NBA Live 2013 was supposed to be released last year, unfortunately we were robbed of our hoop dreams. And now NBA Live is heading to next-gen systems like this one, the PS4. Seriously, do you need to buy an NBA Live game already? I felt that EA Sports just take a few step backwards from its last game because '14 just released a bit late.

One of the reasons I don't like about NBA Live '14 is everything: as much as you watch the ESPN experience, maybe it's the best time I watch all NBA games on Wednesdays and Fridays instead. It doesn't have any SportsCenter moments, the commentary is completely sluggish, and the replay value feels a bit like any of the last NBA Live games for PS3 pretty much outdated. The gameplay is terrible maybe because of the bug issues or glitches that nearly costing this game or maybe the unimproving player movements and sadly EA Sports just needs to get rid of its ESPN license because it's a shame why ESPN is headed for XBOX One, but it's a good thing people don't have time to watch Heat vs. Bulls in a Battle of the East smackdown. But let's be honest, I switched from NBA Live to NBA 2K because look how great 2K is pulling its strings to become a "NBA Live" killer. Since NBA 2K14 released already, NBA Live doesn't stand a chance. The glory days just beginning to fade away.

I hope no doubt that EA should revive NBA Street sometime soon because I missed that series. But for NBA Live, it's too little too late for a comeback. Schlock gameplay, terrible animation graphics, and wasteless ESPN-like broadcasting, don't waste your time spending a lot of money on this one. NBA Live '14 is one of disappointing or should I say "first to worst" video games of 2013 (not to be confused with the Red Sox).