New Features and Additions you would like to see in Live 13?

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Honestly after being without NBA Live for a couple years, I can't be more excited. I like NBA 2k12, but Live is still my favorite series. Anyways Live is coming back, and gonna be better then ever. There are a few features that I would love to see in Live 2012.

1. A Full Be a Pro Mode

NBA Live 09 had a Be a Pro Mode, but I want to have the full season. I think a Be a Pro Mode will no doubt be in NBA Live 2012, but how it will be executed will be the question. I think NBA Elite 11 was gonna be the first game with a full Be a Pro Mode. I would love to see one similar to the NHL version, but maybe press conference and specific drills. Also include something like the Jordan challenges that were going to be in Elite.


2. Legendary Teams and Challenges

NBA 2K12 introduced some Legendary challenges. It was very simplistic though, all you had to do is win one game with the legenary team. NBA Elite should expand on this though. Maybe have challenges with certain players, get a certain amount of assists as Stockton, score a certain amount of 4th quarter points with Jordan, and it should be played as your like only the player, not being able to control the entire team, because that kinda ruins the emphasis on it being the player's legendary challenge. Also in 2K12 you weren't actually in the players shoes, the commentators would talk about things like Miami big 3, I would like it if it was actually like you were playing that incredible game, and the commentators should be like the commentators during the game. EA said that they want to nail the presentation and have gotten the full ESPN presentation. I hope they make great use of it. I would also to like to see some modern Era incredible teams. Like the Shaq and Kobe Lakers. Maybe the 05 or 06 Suns which could be one of the best teams ever never to win a championships with Steve Nash in his MVP years. Maybe the Duncan Era Spurs when he was in his prime, even the Iverson 76ERs would be great to see. There are a lot of teams to choose from, and I don't think anyone would complain if we saw some great modern teams. I know I would like to play as these teams, and play as some of the top veteran players today in their prime. Also to build on this how about a fantasy legends mode, which can be online and offline, and its based on the concept of the TNT All Star Special Last year. A group of players, 6 at the TNT special, have a draft mixed with the best Legends, and the best of todays players. There teams didn't get to face off, but it would be cool if they had a concept where it was like a playoff. Maybe change that 6 team number to 8 teams  so you could have an organized small playoff.


3. Keep All-Star Weekend

I was dissapointed when NBA 2K12 had no all-star weekend features. Live 2013 should keep all the glory, of the dunk contest, the 3 point contest that NBA Live 10 had. How about add some new ones now, the Skills Challenge, the Horse Challenge, and even just for jokes the Celebrity All-Star game. It would be hilarious just to play as 5 foot tall people. Unfourtunately the Celebrity All-Star games are kinda nobodys, but I would no doubt like to see Vinny from Jersey Shore make a fool of himself, or Justin Bieber have to take a charge. It would be fun, and I would like to see most of the historic weekend in the game.


These aren't really surprises, but those are just the basics I wanna see in Live 13. Tell us about what ideas you wanna see. Maybe some unique online modes? Post your thoughts.

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These are some great ideas! I have a little add-on for the My Player point.

? I think that you (the player) should have an agent, and better agents would apply for you to be their clients as you get better, and the better the agent, the more (interactive) interviews and stuff you'll get (exactly like the old Madden system).

I also have a few suggestion of my own

? More tatoos for Create A Player, or My Player

? Player Confidence Meters for your players in Dynasty Mode (depending on how well they and the team are doing), and the higher the confidence, different ratings like Stamina and Toughness would increase. 

? A Happiness Meter for each of your players in Dynasty Mode. When the meter gets low enough and turns red (from green), the player may request a trade, and may give you some reasons that he is unhappy (e.g. Wants more money, wants more playing time, wants new coaching, wants different teammates, etc.)

? Ability to trade future draft picks in Dynasty Mode

? A variety of pre-game presentations

? Exactly like in NBA LIVE 06, an All-Decade Team. For example, the '90's team would have Reggie Miller, Dikembe Mutombo, Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, SHAQ, Hakeem Olajuwon, MJ, Alonzo Mourning, and so on. And there would be an '80's team, 70's, and all the way down to the 50's. 

? Lots more jersey options when playing a game. For example, if I'm playing as the 76ers and I want to where there (absolutely awesome) black jerseys that they used to where, I won't be able to because they only have their current jersey, a MEGA-vintage jersey, and a Latin Night (or any other special NBA Occasicon) jersey. They should have every single (or most) jersey that is different. Like, say, the Raptors. They only have their Home, Road, black alternate, 2 Special Occasion Jerseys, and their ORIGINAL jerseys. If I play as them, I would always want to wear their purple/black jerseys back in their Vince Carter/Tracy McGrady era. 

? I think LIVE 13 should have FreeStlye Superstars (Search on Google if you don't know what that is) like they did in '06. 

? Awesome soundtrack. Once again, they should repeat LIVE 06's awesomeness in the soundtrack category. 10's was pretty good, but I love songs like Don't Stop by Chali2na, or Grind Time by Chamillionaire, or Remember the Name by Fort Minor!


So yeah, those are just some suggestions for NBA LIVE 13. I'm real excited for the game!!!

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Honestly I would like to see a huge improvement in graphics. Some times it looks kind of fake and it's kind of a bummer playintithe older ones, and that's why a lot of ppl turn to the 2k franchise because of how real it looks. This yearsLubalive game should have more features in dynasty mode, like more practice. Drills that you can complete throughout the week before the actual game. Keep the all star weekend cause that's been in the franchise for ever, and keep the fichia also cause that option was a greatI option and that is one thing that I loved about nba live. Enhance the dribbling, and shooting and reactions to certain things and the pressure of late game situations. Maybe make our own plays like madden used to have. You should look at all the features that the 2k franchise has and improve all of those. Come up with storylines for each player in the league, and also for a my player, if you have that in the game which is a must for a lot of ppl,a maybe choosing storylines, or choosing s path You want to go to. Make the My player so In depth that you wondabble able  to start a game as a rookie unless your that good. Make it easy but hard to gain points for attributes and for money. Make you work really hard to get certain positions and before draft day, we should have to try out for teams and when where nottrying out, we shouldshave the option to practice and get Better even when where not trying out for teams. And more for the dynasty mode, it should be made in to an intense feeling, especially in the playoffs. Players should more fatigued later in the season, especially for older teams like the celtics if they don't get a lot of rest and we should have to assign actual practices and perform those practices to become more familiar with the team and make the rookies and all the players better thought the season. And we should have full control over it all, because ppl like me would like to think I'm actually their playing and actually controling every aspect of ttaste team.