Great game

User Rating: 10 | NBA Live 09 PS2
This game kicks @$$ I am serious the only thing i would improve on if I were EA would be to make the be a pro mode go for more then 1 seasonit has a great dynasty (not very different then others though).Ok this games features are great practice helps you nail the timing for 3 points slam dunk practice helps nail the dunks an dif you are going to get a basketball game,get this one because in the inside on the inside it is impossible to make outside shots 2k thats just it 2k has no original modes no new fefatures you no it sucks when you put new beats on back of the box so overall this game is number 1 of basketball this year kudos EA you did basketballl right at least.ok EA has the best games in hockey and basketball nothing else. my list of games for 2008/2009
Baseball: MLB 09 the show
Basketball:NBA live 09
Football:Madden NFL 09
Hockey: NHL 09
Soccer FIFA 09
Rugby:Rugby 09