Nba Live 09 improved a lot with better graphics and everything compared to Nba live 08.

User Rating: 9.5 | NBA Live 09 X360
It improved due to the following,
Great new features
New dunks and lay up types
Teams rated better
Better graphics
Almost life like
Different Free Throw line Shooting type
Ownage blocks

There were a few glitches but its still fun to play, its the best when u play Dynasty Mode, as u r in the the free throw line, you hear ur home crowd chanting MVP! MVP!
I find it amazing with the new pick and roll offense
Player DNA
Nba live Academy

Also as u play the game, play callings become very useful such as pick n roll, player isolation, triangle power and low post, also with the defense.

I wish Nba Live 09 got atleast an 8. It's amazing, though there were some few rough edges, that can't stop u frm having a great time playing it.

In Dynasty Mode, it feels realistic like u are playing a season.
Also the choice of music is fun to listen, its great to practice with some Academy challenges if u are not that good yet. Also FIBA championship is cool. i'm happy there are I think over 25 countries now in the game.
There are different covers for Nba Live 09, mine is Luol Deng on it.
I'm so happy I bought this game.