Don't belive any fan review you see with over a 5.0 rating. This is the one review that tells it like it really is!

User Rating: 3 | NBA Live 09 PSP
To begin with the only major difference from this game compared to the last few on PSP is only three things...

1. More FIBA teams added

2. An updated roster(New players are missing photo head-shots so it really isnt much of a update)

3. 2 on 2 Half Court Basketball(Sounds fun but trust me it's not and get boring real fast!)

Yep that's it! If anything the NBA Live series on PSP has really lost it's touch. The last NBA Live game that seemed it was at it's peak was 07, Superstars Challenges was so better than The Crown(The Crown to me is just tedious and takes the fun out of playing). Also it was the last game of the series which had Infrastructure to play online against other players, which is without a doubt the best thing on these games which adds replay value. Finally unlockable videos was a nice little treat to get after beating each level of the mini games. Oh and one more thing, why did EA get rid of X-Factor Players? Can we bring this back somehow!?

So over the years they have taken more features off of the game than added more on and i bet your asking why? Well simple...EA doesnt care about NBA Live...the new gen console versions are ok but in no-way possible relate to the portable version so whats the point of releasing a portable version each year if theres nothing new to look forward to?? As a huge basketball fan and video games alike EA should just save money and stop making NBA Live on PSP if they continue to get worse.

The graphics on NBA Live 08 had a nice touch to making the uniforms seem alright with a nice dark shadow effect, if anything the graphics now are just choppy and tattoos on players look like weird birth-marks. Controls are simple but could have been better. Overall this game is just a terrible addition to the series, gameplay keeps it unique style however the shooting is near impossible not unless your close to the ring or completely empty from mid-range and shooting 3's are 50-50 sometimes so never bank on your long range shots.

Closing thoughts, don't get me wrong, this game is playable but best put your money into NBA Live 07 and manually update the roster yourself if need be. Trust me it would be worth it.