NBA Live 09 is one broken, annoying basketball simulation, but it can be overlooked, if your that into it.

User Rating: 6.5 | NBA Live 09 PS2
The game is just a regular basketball sim, but defense is nonexistent, dunking the ball is a lot harder to do than in other games, and the game is way too easy. The game has its good and bad moments as well, and I really like the player hot spots, but it just doesn't flow like the other NBA Live games. The world tournament mode is pretty good as well. I hate the fact that some players who should be able to dunk just miss every time. The season and dynasty modes are the same as usual.However the fact that I played as Tony Parker and was able to go coast to coast through the entire team without being contested proves the lack of defense in this game. The free throw system in this game works well, and I really like the automatic free throw button for those who have trouble through the regular system. Through all of it this is one of the most frustrating sports game I have ever played.