NBA Live 09 has improved over Live 08 but can still be better.

User Rating: 8.5 | NBA Live 09 X360
NBA Live 09 has added a lot of new stuff in the game while trying to back to basics and fundamental basketball that isn't seen that much in today's video games. Lets start with the Good:

1. The Graphics are very good. The frame rate of the game is constant through out but when there is a bit of crowding on the floor the video starts to clip and many time players go through another player's body for a dunk.

2. The Sound as always is awesome. The soundtracks used are fresh and are pretty neat and have a B Ball vibe.

3. The Flow of the game is very smooth. Though there is a gap in between when the command is given and the player reacts but it actually makes the game better. This makes you guess for a shot so that you can block it like in real life.

4. The new 24 teams of FIBA are a good addition to NBA Live. The number of teams actually gives some importance to this mode but the only thing is most people only take USA and its a piece of cake to beat other teams with USA.

5. The new Pick and Roll system works well in the game and if mastered can really help a gamers game.

6. The Quickstrike moves, though a very good concept, don't really work that well in game because of the crowded lane which causes the defender to catch up but 70% of the time it works very well.

7. NBA Live 365, Neat addition but not much effect on the game itself.

Now the Bad:

1. There is a lot of twitching in the game during defense. Sometimes when a player dunks the guy will go from the left side, jump, some how move to the complete right and then dunk as if some force is pushing them.

2. The Be a Pro mode was a big disappointment. If you liked this mode in FIFA because of the depth and team chemistry element, well you won't find it in NBA Live 09. You can only play one game at a time which is alright if your not that into the mode. Kinda shallow.

Overall, NBA Live 09 is a good game with a lot of new features and awesome menus(unlike 2k9). If you live Basketball and the whole experience, get this game. Its Awesome.