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User Rating: 6.5 | NBA Live 09 PS2
Well, this game was very solid and not unique at all.

New Features:
There are only a few new features added to the game like advanced Practice mode but no body cares about practicing so it was an empty cause,

The gameplay stayed the same basically like the 2008 game. The shooting styles are unique to each player which is nice.

The graphics styaed the same from NBA 08 and maybe even were worse than 08.

All Star Weekend: Slam Dunk Contest
The dunks in the slam dunk contest stayed the same since NBA 06. Not very creative on the game's end. But the dunks are very neat like the Honey Dip and the 720 (which i mastered), the 360, Between the legs twice, etc. You have to complete your dunk in 24 seconds or you get a 0 score. Highest amount of points you can get in 1 dunk is 50.

All Star Weekend: 3 Point Shootout:
3 Point shootout is the same as always. Try to get as many shots in the hoop as you can within 60 seconds, Each ball counts as 1 point and the money ball (red, white, and blue ball at the end of each rack) counts as 2 points. Highest amount of points you can get is 30,

Rookie Challenge:
An all star game betweek the rookies and sophmores of the NBA.

All Star Game:
All Stars of the East and West play against each other.

Franchise Mode:
Same as always, draft potentially good rookies in the draft and try to make it to the Finals and win,

The Good:
Fun to play from time to time

The Bad:
Graphics are dull and boring and ugly

Well, this game was very solid and i only recommend it if you are into the NBA, otherwise, you wont like this game.

Final Ratings-

Gameplay: 5/10

Graphics: 5/10

Sound: 7/10

Controls: 9/10

Fun Factor: 6.5/10

Final Score: 32.5/50 > 6.5/10: fair

Thanks for reading my review on NBA live 09 for the PS2. Hope it was helpful. Bye for now!

Well, thanks for reading my review. I hope it was helpful. Bye for now!