NBA Live 09 is simply a masterpiece.

User Rating: 8 | NBA Live 09 PS3
Basketball is a game with lot's of action that make's you very excited and that's what NBA live 09 present's for you.

The good:
1. Dynasty mode really get's you in the game.
2. NBA Live 365 feature is excellent.
3. The soundtrack is amazing.
4. Controls are just simple and effective.

The bad:
1. Be a pro mode isn't what we've hoped for.
2. Defense is really lousy and leads to lot's of dunks and lay-up's.

NBA Live 09 is the best in series and lot's of new features have been added like:
- NBA Live 365.
- Be a pro mode.
- NBA Live academy.
and more.

NBA Live 365 get's you updated with:
- Players DNA.
- DNA tendencies.
- DNA ratings.
- DNA hot and cold streaks.
- DNA lineup's.
- DNA roster update's.
- NBA Live rewind game's
but first you need to connect to EA servers and have a valid code to use the NBA Live 365 features.

Be a pro mode is good but it could have been better.
- you'll take control of your favorite players! the rule is: you will be scored based on your position and skill.

NBA Live academy:
- complete progressively harder challenges to test your NBA Live skills, or work on your team's game in team practice.

well, you can say that this game has a few rough edge's like stopping a fast break (which is almost imposable and really annoying) and some other things, but it's still a masterpiece and it's worth a look.