Almost a great game but not quite.

User Rating: 8.5 | NBA Live 09 X360
This game has everything it needs to become one of the best nba games there are just a few little problems.

Graphically the game is excellent and it is free flowing all the time. I especially like the start up screen whereby you can practice your shots and generally mess around.

One of the problems of the games is the training. You never know which bits you have actually done and it can also get repetative quickly.

A second problem is on defense, you can tell that it is not free flowing and seems extremely patchy and it becomes random whether or not you steal the ball back.

The final problem is there is not enough variety in skill and slam dunks which I found annoying.

But on the whole the game is generally free flowing and graphically sound. If you like basketball games it is definitaly a must buy. The passing and movement is a particular highlight of the game it allows for quick breaks whenever your opponent is on the attack.