Even withe the flashy effects, the poor gameplay just makes this is the worst nba live game.

User Rating: 4 | NBA Live 09 PS2
The gameplay is out of focus and just makes you want to throw the control at the screen sometimes. The gameplay is just slow, sticky and super glitchy. The flashing effect every time the position is changed can get very annoying and confusing. The superstar mode is decent idea but was just not done right. You can only control one player and just seems not fully thought out. However, if you want to try out the franchise mode, then its not really that bad, and it is playable, as long as you keep simulating and don't think of playing the games. Another positive might be the menu screens, which are pretty shiny and do have NBA footage playing, but this is just pushing to find positives.

Overall this game just isn't any fun and has no repeat value at all. "Playing" this game is more of a chore then anything. I really hated this pathetic excuse for a game and am completely disappointed that EA would accept to release a game that shouldn't have even passed Beta testing.