This game has bad graphics but has lots of teams to choose from.

User Rating: 7.5 | NBA Live 09 All-Play WII
The graphics are horrible and make you feel like this game is for the Game Cube, but the amount of teams to choose from is wild. From NBA to WNBA to Europe to teams from years ago and all-star teams. The modes do not have a lot to choose from. It has your basic all-star contests and season mode. On the top side it has all different dunks to choose from and it has team setups so you can create your own all-star team. The 3-point contest is also quite addictive. This game is quite easy for all the different difficulties there are. I recommend this game to someone who is more interested in playing some basketball than the bad graphics and other modes. This game gets a 5.0 for the basic play which is fun and a 1.5 for the amount of teams to choose from. It gets a -1.0 for the graphics and a -2.5 for the variety of modes.