nba live 09

User Rating: 9 | NBA Live 09 X360
the game is great, i am a faithful 2k series player but something told me this year to go for live, as i did in 05 for the gamecube version, and to tell you the truth, the game has improved in so many ways, the controls are still easy to manage, and the dynamic dna, wow! its about time they did a game like such, the stats of players come right in, if they are injured, or just hot or cold, overall its amazing to me how far from nintendo ds we are now. the only thing ive noticed is that player seen to get shaky but it might be because im using my 360. something in the back of my head keeps telling me i should have gotten it for the ps3, but only time will tell. my advice, is get it, dont stress the few perks of the glitchs, im sure an update will come soon enough to fix it. and another pro thing is that with the game tmobile provided a code that will keep the dynamic dna in full effect for the next year. this game defenitely has pushed me to become a live goldmember to put my skill out on fools. something i have been waiting on for the game to do so. i have given it a 9.0 because i havent had the chance to go online, so that point is still pending with me.0ne!