Fun gameplay + servicable graphics + Crashing problems = Broken game. Can't understand that this crap is on shelves

User Rating: 1.5 | NBA Live 09 PS3
Apparently the EA Sports game testers were (again) sleeping behind the wheel. WARNING: THIS GAME IS BROKEN.

This is my first NBA Live game in a long time as I had been playing the 2K series but this year saw Live as the better game. After some getting used to of the controls I was having a lot of fun playing the game.

Then - it crashed. It froze during a lineup change in the 4th quarter. This was fairly frustrating...then during my dynasty it froze again during a lineup change. I started to become skeptical.

Then, once again it froze. I played 10 dynasty games and 3 of them froze. That's a 30% did not finish rate due to game freezing issues.

I spent a minute on google and found out that nearly everyone with the game has ran into a dynasty freeze rate of about 30-40%. This game IS BROKEN.

How they let crap like this on the shevle I have no idea but its unacceptable. Combine this with no option to adjust season length and you have an entirely dissapointing dynasty mode.

Unless you are buying the game to play online or to only play exhibition games, it is a 100% waste of money. I'll try and return this to gamespot but they probably won't even take it back.