Another great basketball game from EA. With amazing real life graphics and sound, with a great number of game modes.

User Rating: 8 | NBA Live 09 X360
NBA Live 09 from Electronic Arts features all the NBA teams and there players from the 2009 season and also featuring the Oklahoma team.

This game features a number of different game modes from your standard NBA type game right through to dynasty mode. Some other modes also include training, 3 point shootout, NBA allstar weekend and more.

Dynasty mode is excellent allowing you to take control of one particular team for a number of seasons. In this mode you can pick your coaching staff, players and much more. In dynasty mode you play a typical NBA season, trying to be the best team of that season to get into the playoffs. You can also take part in events like the NBA Allstar weekend.

This game is amazing with great graphics, audio and commentary. The graphics are amazing, you can even see the sweat pouring down a players face.

I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes basketball games like me, as this game has great game play and includes real NBA players and teams.