Good Graphics but Lop sided gameplay

User Rating: 7 | NBA Live 09 X360
NBA Live 09 for the Xbox 360 may look promising but the game itself could have been more improved.

What's Good!:

The Graphics, I'd say NBA Live 09 Has one of the best Graphics in The Xbox 360 console, its environment, players, movement and other visual stuff Looks solid and just improvements away from Real Human eye visioned environment.

What's Bad: Sloppy Passing Lanes, NBA Live 09 has a Bad Passing lane especially in the superstar mode, your team will 60 percent mis pass a ball, i mean "mis pass" which means it isn't intercepted but your player did it. and passing is a Very Important key in a Ball game.

Oklahoma City Team: NBA live 09 made the game earlier than NBA 2k9, however that doesn't mean they should take the roster earlier. because rosters bring the interest of Gamers to buy the game.