Graphics are terrible, Gameplay is Good, Season mode is boring, no nba live 365

User Rating: 6 | NBA Live 09 All-Play WII
First off Graphics are horrible some players look fat while some disproportional. Deron Williams of the Utah Jazz looks too big in this game he's not overweight in real life. Other players just look akward not really like people.

Controls are good although you can shoot by just moving the remote back and forward you don't really have to have perfect form for the ball to go in.

Season mode just is not fun enough for you to play all the games even if you change the amount of game's in the season.

Lastly this game doesn't have some of the thigs the ps3 and 360 have like for instance you can warm up while your game is loading. Also there's no nba live 365 like in those systems, meaning trades are recorded automaticlly and whenever a player is doing good in real life he will get a boost in the game.

If they made this game for wii like the other system it would be a 10.