A great basketball game but with its flaws brings it down a step or two.

User Rating: 7.5 | NBA Live 09 PS3
NBA LIVE 09 did not fail to impress me, especially since it was my first basketball sim. From the complex and dynamic seasons to the dunking competitions there is a lot to keep you occupied, with hours worth of gameplay which will increasingly make you better each time you play. Multiplayer is also a strong point for the game, especially if you have a friend round and you pull off a sick dunk like Lebron or Kobe with the help of their assist.

However, like any other game it has its flaws. I find the flaws quite minor but others may not, overtime it gets annoying knowing that they haven't spent proper time to develop and finish the game. The NBA Live Academy constantly lags when you play in it! Also at the end of a game the 'Sprite' replay cam doesn't always play the replays of all your scores and attempts, and when it does it will be jumpy and slow.

Any sports game is a must have in any collection, and NBA LIVE 09 is perfect to fill in this gap.