Good game to play around with.

User Rating: 7.5 | NBA Jam GG
Pick a two man team and go, not much else to this game. You control 1 man on the team, the computer controls the other. You can however tell the computer when to pass and shoot, they normally don't do these things on their own. Each character has there own strong on weak points. When picking a team to play with you need to look at there stats, which include; Speed, 3 Points, Dunks, and Defense.

Simple and clear, you are never confused about what something is, the only real bad part is that it is difficult to tell where someone is when they are at the other end of the court, you have an arrow on the screen telling you the Longitute but nothing telling you the lateral position, making it difficult to make a good pass.

Again, simple and clear. Although I could not find anything telling me the button configuration, they are easy to catch onto and you can figure them out in just a few minutes of playing.

Unfortunately there are a few drawbacks to the game. First off the only options you have is to choose the team that you want and the char you want to control. I did have a problem with the opposing team occasionally knocking my team down which it didn't seem we could do to them. You cannot choose any rules, period lengths, or create your own team. You can however save you initials in the game to keep track of your progress.

SOUND: 9.5
I very much enjoyed listening to the fast paced music as I played the game, it gave a good feel to it that kept me interested and wanting to play.



FINAL: 7.4