Fun, but not perfect

User Rating: 8 | NBA Jam: Tournament Edition SNES
It is interesting to go back and play some of the classic games that you just can't but love. NBA Jam is a series that slowly got to the point of just pure repetition, but before that, Tournament Edition was an excellent addition to the series.

The game is 2-on-2 basketball with a twist. You use real life players with pre-determined stats and still score 2 or 3 pointers, but there are no foul shots and there are powerups all over the place. Three baskets in a room by one player causes him to be on fire. And you can dunk from anywhere past the half court line.

Sounds crazy, I know. The powerups are things like, improved 3-point shots, super speed, super strength, and increased dunking ability. There are also point modifiers that show up on the court to increase a basket total for shooting from that spot. These additions can be turned off, but it makes the game a little more interesting than straight up b-ball.

The graphics are good, but not stellar. The player faces in the selection screen are a little cartoony. It is also the makers definitions of player abilities, so some good players may not have their ability reflected in their stats.

I would recommend this game, but you have probably moved on to NBA Street.