Question/Need Help Regarding PowerUps

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I was hoping someone who has this game could please help me out.

I was planning to get this on PSN sometime back but something came up, So I never did. But now I'm back to considering buying it.

I loved the old school NBA Jam Tournament Edition, Cause of the crazy power ups, Unlimited Turbo, Dunking from Half Court etc. It led to some crazy/fun times.

My question is, Does this NBA JAM: On Fire Edition have powerups? I've looked all over the net for answers, I've seen people say no it does not, then I have seen some say it can be unlocked. Then I've seen some sites with cheats/unlockables that say Power UPS Privilege (Remix Champion) - Complete Remix Tour.

So can anyone please clear this up for me, Powerups would be the main reason I'd want to buy this game, I don't want to buy without knowing first.

All info would be greatly appreciated. :)