Wow...this NBA Streetball game was one for the books! Amazing.

User Rating: 10 | NBA Ballers PS2
Wow, well this game is by far a great NBA street ball game, it really took it to the streets with a little extra. First off the graphics in this game are amazing! They put alot of detail into the NBA characters faces. As well as your own personal character options that you can make up. The different muscle tones are good they put alot of detail into the muscles. The extras are cool as well, when you go to certain areas, you can enter in basketball tournaments that you can win prizes like earning points to make you a better player, you'll gain NBA gear, tattoos, cars, and homes. The mini games make this game good and long, from you trying to find all the mascots throughout and about the city or you participating in another side missions like find Kevin G phone, battle against Jin, this alone will make the gameplay longer and enjoyable.
Controls are good. Just a few moves of the right analog stick will have you juking, that will leave a trail of dust as you go to the hoop to "Bring Down The House" as you perform combination of moves, which will be easy to catch on to once the very first basketball game, your juice meter will go up. If this happen you can perform one of your special moves on your opponent which will have the crowd going wild! The sound is great in this game to, you hear everything thats going on around you. From you walking down the street or from the rambling of MC Supanautral whos commentary is quite entertaining as you battle. Or the sound of the whole basketball rim falling as you dunk it, which makes gameplay real and enjoyable as if you were at a real live streetball game. Point blank this game is great and you'll get your moneys worth and have a good time playing it.