An extremly frustrating game. I constantly have to stop playing because i feel like im goin to break my controller.

User Rating: 6 | NBA Ballers XBOX
i thought I played this gaem before........NBA street maybe. The graphics are too cartoony, the announcer gets extremly annoying extremly quick, and gameplay is extgremly frustrating. You start out as a regular street baller with rediculously low attributes. The way you must gain attribute is to practice the abilities with in games. for example, if you want to raise your 3 point shooting from its starting point of 35 out of a possiable 100 you must shoot countless air balls and bricks before you see any inprovement. the gameplsy is extremly realistic for the fact that to make steals and blocks you must be in the right position how ever this makes for an extremly hard gameplaying experience. also the comouter AI is extremly smart. the bad part to these smart ballers is that teh game favors them. you constantly find your rebounds bounch to the computer, the computer makes steals by reaching through your body, and blocks by reaching through the backboard. my opinion do not waiste your time, paintence and money.