This game is really fun and is recommended to anyone who likes basketball.Worth the money and worth the wait.Go and buy.

User Rating: 8.6 | NBA Ballers: Rebound PSP
This game has just amazing graphics especially with the beautiful LCD screen on the PSP.Each player actually looks like themselves.Players include past NBA legends, current players like Lebron,Dwayne,Kobe.Also most players have an alternate attire which is just amazing to see.There are many players to choose from.You can do plenty of moves like crossovers,dunks etc.Also this game has plenty of game modes to offer like rags to riches with cut scenes,T.v. Tournament mode etc.You can create multiple custom ballers on one file ( multiple files can be made).Many options to customize like the nose ,jaw,attire etc.Overall this game is amazing and was really worth the money.