Perhaps it's a good game, if you like basketball or streetball.

User Rating: 7 | NBA Ballers: Rebound PSP
NBA players becoming ballers whom you control, this is a cool thing. At first, I think so. However, controlling Mutombo to crush Carter, I change my mind.

Yes, you can distinguish the difference in these players by seeing their faces and uniforms. But you don't feel much distinction when you play as NBA players. Even Mutombo can do alley-oop dunk.

The diversity is main problem of NBA Ballers: Rebound. There are many play modes, such as TV tournament, 1 VS 1 and rags to riches, which you can choose to play, but all of them are base on one-on-one mode.

The help of Rebound is fairly weak, so you may not do right thing at first. Moreover, the loading interface confuse you, because there are two interfaces and the first one hasn't any loading written words.

Of course, there are many pretty things in Rebound, like street-style gameplay, hip-hop music and many unlocked elements. But all of these don't attract me at all. Because I prefer soccer than basketball.