Ballas, are why they call us!!

User Rating: 8.3 | NBA Ballers: Phenom XBOX
This game is pretty much a novelty to the NBA family. This game perticulary isnt the best game ever on the planet, far from it. This game is just one of those you would pick up for 20 bucks at your nearest wal-mart. However, this game can be fun and very innovative. All the moves are back in black. Tricks are better than ever and your skillz shine as you shoot 3's. You also get a new 2-2 game which is very fun but can get very boring and reppetitive as well, but doing alley oops is never boring. The game allows you to make your own crib and design it by the lineast ways possible. Creating your own player is pretty fun as well, but NBA ballers misses out on alot of things that NBA games have that excel, REPLAY VALUE>>>>

-A regular fun game
-A budget title at 39.99
-Create your own player
-Customize your Crib

-Game is to linear
-Opponents A.I. is stupid
-Moves are very reppettitive


"Is the psp game gonna go down this same route??