Room to grow but plenty of show!

User Rating: 8.5 | NBA Ballers: Phenom XBOX
I admit to being a bit hard on basketball games especially since I have played on the blacktop for about 14 years now. Being a person that plays in real life I do expect a lot from my video game version. My chief let-down is the load times, don't even buy the PS2 version because the load times will put you to sleep. The heart of this game delivers what you expect, it's like pimp my ride meets nba jam with a small dose of a simulation feel. It dosn't explode on the scene with revolutionary gameplay but the depth of how you can customize your baller is sufficient to be fun and rewarding, while the play itself can get a bit tedious sometimes and it can feel a bit recycled, it still delivers with great smooth play, great sounds and music, and enough players to unlock to keep most happy. If you bought this game brand new you may feel a bit let-down, but a good deal on a used copy is well worth having this to replace the original ballers game. I look forward to getting the next gen system and playing the third release in the series.