Street dirty basketball

User Rating: 9 | NBA Ballers: Phenom XBOX
Full of DJ music and rap, similar with NBA street but you only control one person as the main character in this game. But at the certain event you can play with along with your partner. Not to mention the dirty trick in this game you can make your opponent act like a little fool, but your opponent can do the same way back at you.
Dirty and full of revenge the story is about two best friends and one get famous and leaving the other one with his girlfriend. And you're gonna play the leaving one to make the long story short you have to play it by yourself buddy.

As you can see in this game later you can choose your own house(but i don't see any advantage about this), open your T-mobile(OMG!) to listen some annoying voice messages or a new challenge and maybe change your appearance everyday.
The place that you can visit in this game are LA, Beverly Hills and i forget the rest but you have to check this game out. Not only playing on the ground there are some side quest and you can walk in the town to just wandering off and buying some new properties.

Good point :
1. Much more place to visit not only play on the park
2. A lot of clothes and other accessories choice
3. Fantastic song in this game, yay!
4. Great graphic display. Of course

Bad point :
1. the angle of the camera sometimes really disturbing
2. The story is too cheesy