A great basketball game for any NBA fan's collection

User Rating: 8.5 | NBA 2K6 X360
Being a basketball fan all my life, I always buy both the EA and 2K games. I won't compare the two games, but I'll tell you that this game does not disappoint.

Graphics: The player models look great, even now. The animations are quite fluid, and at times can look like real life, especially in 1080p. The crowds don't look all that great, but the shadowing and reflections off the floor look great. Overall, the graphics are everything you'd expect out of an HD 2K game.

Sound: The commentary is good, but they tend to repeat what they say after a while. The game sounds like a normal basketball game, from the ball bouncing on the floor or off the rim, or the players' shoes skidding against the floor.

Gameplay: The control layout is really basic, but fun. It's easy to make layups and to take free throws. You can play with up to three other people in one game, which is a blast. There's also easy achievements, too. The gameplay is just so fun. You'll enjoy this game, and it's the best in the series for the Xbox 360 in my opinion.

Score - 8.3