NBA 2k6 is the greatest game of the PS2 version series.

User Rating: 9.5 | NBA 2K6 PS2
NBA 2k6 was great. The gameplay was sweet and the graphics were amazing considering it was on the PS2. The 24/7 mode was good as well. The cutscenes were annoying because there was too many throughout the game. Also, you wasn't allowed to have name brand shoes for a created player. However, creating the shoe was pretty fun to me. The Crib is pretty good, too. Ther are so many things to unlock in your Crib. You have to complete achievements to buy items for your Crib.That's what made me play the game longer. There's so many things to unlock that I couldn't stop playing it until I unlocked everything. Too bad. I didn't unlock everything. My favorite was the Association. It is so well-rounded. You will have to keep your team's chemistry high and win games. The NBA draft after the first year, the players in the draft looks like combination of two current players on the game!. One thing that was missing was the 3-team trade. The AI wasn't that great either. But overall, the game itself was amazing. This was the best one of the Ps2 version.