Indeed frustrating gameplay, but not as bad as some people say it is.

User Rating: 6 | NBA 2K3 XBOX
NBA 2K3 isn't a boring game but it isn't something you would play for 40 hours. Although it is fun to play against someone in multi player, the game is pretty difficult. Also, this game is more for the great gamers, you need to hold the shooting button for the perfect amount of time just to get a good shot off. Also, the game has some glitches and the graphics aren't all that beautiful. The crowd looks better than previous games but it still is pretty fake. Also, the game modes don't seem that great as you play them more. This game is a great first impression but it is not the game that you would never get tired of. Also, the foul calling isn't very precise, unless you adjust it to call more fouls for blocking, charging, etc... But the refs in the game call reaching fouls pretty often. So all in all, I suggest you rent this game ONLY or wait until a newer game comes out.