Not too shabby.

User Rating: 7.5 | NBA 2K3 GC
NBA 2k3 is a great basketball game for any basketball fan, or just someone looking to have fun, by themselves, or with others. It has a great street mode, among other things. Gameplay: NBA 2k3, like all other basketball games puts you into the shoes of a basketball player, and puts you right on the court. Different players, depending on their performance in the NBA, are better, and worse in different ways. Such as Kobe Bryant being good at shooting three pointers, but not so much playing inside of the key. The controls are simple which makes this game so much fun to play. There is no real story mode, or any levels or anything of that nature, but there is no need for any of that in a basketball game. The three point shooting in this game is slight unusually because when you hold down the button to shoot, you need to hold it down for a certain amount of time, if you go far over, or under the amount of time in the air (holding the button) before the shot, it is nearly impossible to make any shots. The free throws in this game are extremely hard. You need to press together the two joysticks on the controller, trying to make two arrows meet. It is very difficult because the slightest move of the joystick will move the arrow completely. It makes little or no difference as to whether the player in real life is good at free throws or not, it takes skill, which is very hard to master, though the AI seems to do it quite well. Graphics: The graphics in this game are very good. Each player looks different, and actually resembles the person they represent in real life. The players dress in game uniforms and casual uniforms, each looking great, and incredibly real. To specifically compliment something, the lighting and the reflection off the court from the lights was done very nicely. The audience and the referees also look quite good. The instant replays, which make you, in a sense, the cameraman, let you zoom in and out, everything looking equally as good. The graphics overall are very good in this game. Sound: The sound in this game is decent. The songs actually have lyrics with, after playing the game so much, I began to sing a long too, I know all the words. It's great too listen to these rap style songs as you are crossing people over and "ballin'" people up. Also you know that sound when the basketball players shoes squeak on the shiny wooden floor of the court? The squeak is great in this game. Bottom Line: NBA 2k3 is a very fun game and a good addition to any gamer (mostly sports fans) collection. It will keep you busy for hours, and it is always fun to play when you dont want to keep busy for too long, but want to have a little, fun.The gameplay, graphics and sound are all pretty good in this game.