The Gameplay absolutely sucks!!!

User Rating: 2 | NBA 2K18 AND

Okay, first off...I only play this game because it is the only basketball game out that is better than Live.

I have been playing 2k since the early days and they have come a long way, ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY WERE COMPETING WITH LIVE every year. However, every since 2k took the throne as the best basketball game, they lost competition and have be releasing half a$$, broke fraudulent basketball games. NBA 2K11 has been the best game ever because the game was fluid when it came to gameplay. The A.I was great back then. Enough about the past! This game, NBA 2K18 is simply a disappointment when it comes to cpu A.I. and gameplay. The accuracy when on every aspect of the game is horrid. The defense is so stupid, even when you set the right defensive settings the cpu still leaves his assignment. 2k has shown over the last 4 years that they only focus on visuals and VC. The only reason they are relevant today is because they are the only basketball game out basically outside of LIVE 18. If we can simply not buy their game next year and force them to create better gameplay and A.I then I believe this game will be playable and enjoyable again. You can not play this horrible game competitively since 2k's AI will screw the game over for you. So don't buy this game nor 2k19 since 2k shows that they do not listen to the players and just charge you more VC.