Truth about 2k: They should of hid the review button.

User Rating: 2 | NBA 2K18 (Early Tip Off Edition) XONE

I want to start off this review by saying I'm not a bias consumer and I speak for the behalf of Park/MyCareer/Playground players. I've been playing 2k ever since it had REAL competition with Live and I've been purchasing the video game every year. Now it's safe to say NBA 2k18 is the worst 2k by far. Possibly the worst game I've ever played due to rage. For every future purchaser who is thinking about purchasing this game because of advertisement, save yourself time and money. Terrible gameplay, terrible approach, and terrible company. Every year producing a unfinished game and constantly finding new ways to scam money off their die hard consumers.

Continuing to read will only expose the simple truth about 2k.

Repetitive Errors Every Year/Laziness - If you're a follower of 2k ever since the older editions in the franchise, you'll understand that the gameplay isn't much different when it comes to errors. The basketball constantly slips out the dribblers hands which guarantees an unrealistic steal. This is known not only in playground mode, but every single mode in the game.

Terrible Servers - 2k has had this problem for the longest. Personally, I feel that it's one of the worst games when it comes to competitive gaming online. You might as well play in a bunker because the lag is unbelievable on this one. Choppy lag, constant lag outs, and slow reaction lag. Rises uncompetitive gaming to a whole new level.

Virtual Currency - There's a "deal" in the virtual currency store where you buy VC to upgrade your character and I wanted to break this down for those who have witness this. The "deal" states that you only get 125,000 VC, plus an additional "free" 75,000 VC for 49.99 dollars. Now think about this, you're supposedly getting 125,000 vc for 49.99. If you happen to purchase the pack, you'll get 75,000 vc for "free." I mean who the hell are they fooling. 125k isn't even enough to get your character 78 overall, so it's a must they give us 75k more. Not to mention you're paying full price for a unfinished game every year and 50 FREAKING ADDITIONAL DOLLARS for a character who ISN'T EVEN MAXED! There are jerseys on this game that are 6,000 vc ALONE! Simple dribbling moves that are 1k each! Upgrade bars that can be up to 5,000 EACH!

Archetypes - This has been the second year of the legendary money grab archetypes and it's been giving many people hell. As soon as the game comes out, people basically purchase their character without really knowing how effective their going to be on the court. It has been shown the most "overpowered" archetypes in the game are usually the ones who can enjoy the game to the fullest extent. Instead of balancing the player type system, 2k allows the consumer to buy a self-destructible character and hopefully buying a new archetype later on in the year. Not to mention it cost 50 FREAKING DOLLARS for a character who ISN'T EVEN MAXED!

MyCareer - Everyone that has touched the playground probably have played the Career mode. If you haven't then do so this instant. This year has been a complete mess with this mode. The computers are terminators on the court. Whether you're a casual player, or a child who wants to just have fun with his superstar in the NBA, 2k doesn't allow that. Arguably, the pro difficulty setting is actually Hall of Fame difficulty (the hardest difficulty in the game). Completely sucks the fun out of playing career mode. You have to exploit the game in order to succeed in this mode which is already a negative on their part.

The game is just a complete mess. How they approach this game every year should be illegal. Never have I ever played a game where I had to reevaluate my decision before playing. This company has turned into a complete money grab. Everything they get their hands on has something to do with a "pay to win" aspect of the game. The only way I feel that this game could have a chance of being the people's champ is by taking their time and coming out with a new basketball game every 2 to 3 years. I state that because 2k has lots of potential to be great but still falls within the category of disappointment for all of these consecutive years. I hope they get their act together because Live is stepping up.