Nba 2k18 at it's best!

User Rating: 8 | NBA 2K18 PS4

First off I don't understand why people say this game is bad! And second thing I wanted to say is that NOT EVERY GAMER WANTS TO PLAY - O N L I N E !!! I hate it when people say a game is bad because online features are bad! NOT EVERYONE CARES!

Graphics: 2K18 has the best graphics ever made in a sports video game. The animations and game faces/bodies etc look amazing. It's like watching a real nba game. Fantastic. BUT in my career and in neighborhood the graphics aren't so good and it's due to the fact that it runs virtually online with other players and they don't want the frames to drop so they downgraded everything.

Gameplay: It gets better and better every year. I really enjoy it. They fixed major problems and added more animations. It looks and feels real! Love it!

My Career: The idea on my career is not bad! It's a playground where you walk among other players and do what you want to do. If you don't care about online gaming and just want to play my career there is not a single problem! This is where i HATE what other reviewers say! I DO AGREE MICRO-TRANSACTIONS are BAD. BUT they are bad if you want to play ONLINE with others! If you just want to play my career offline then this is not bad at all! It's not easy to win VC coins BUT this makes it more fan and more chalenging! You play better you win VC coins and make your player better! It needs time! This way, you'll spend more hours on the game and keep coming back for more and even enjoy it more! You will feel the need to play every single game and it's satisfying when your player becomes better and you'll notice it when playing games! So please STOP judging a game because of multyplayer ! NOT EVERYONE LIKES MULTYPLAYER GAMES!

This game is for people that want to play a great basketball game without playing online. I do agree that VC COINS are BAD and 2K should drop this but the game isn't that bad for all these terrible reviews! It's a buy for me and I do recommend it, but keep in mind what I said in my review! If you want to play online DON't buy it. If you enjoy playing offline then this is a must buy!