A complete money grab

User Rating: 3 | NBA 2K18 PS4
It is so blatantly obvious that they're trying to get people to buy VC and quite frankly it's extremely rude that they're purposely trying to screw over their fanbase like this. There are no difficulty multipliers so now you get minimum VC and everything is way to expensive, just to force you to give them money. Haircuts are an example of this, when you buy a haircut, it doesn't let you preview it or keep it when you decide to get another one. None of them save into your inventory how a sport game should, you have to buy to 'preview' and if you don't like it, tough luck, thanks for spending more. Your player doesn't get upgraded by playing well or exceeding at certain skills. No, they've taken all that out to make you rely upon the small amount of VC where it legitimately seems impossible to get to 99 without spending anything. Overall, the game is a complete money grab and they haven't even tried to hide it. Shocking. If you want to read more information and a better explanation head over to reddit /r/NBA2K . They've got a huge thread about all of this.