Coming Soon; The BEST 2K18 Fictional Draft Class Series

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Hello, my names is Bones and I'll be making at least 10 Fictional Draft Classes for 2K18 on PS4, and will release them weekly. I have a database of 600 unique names and will try to include busts and gems as well. The draft classes will be copied for each 2K (2K10, 2K20, etc), so you can build familiarity with the names and players. If JazzMan plans on doing fictional draft classes for 2K18, you could combine ours and have over a decade covered with good, unique, fun draft classes.

I posted a video on my YouTube channel talking about the details, and made a trailer to showcase some of the names in my first draft class. You can watch it here: Yes, this is sort of a plug for my channel, but I think many people will love these draft classes for years to come. Therefore, you should subscribe to my channel to receive updates on the progress of these draft classes as well as information about when they drop.

My two favorite names from the top of this draft class: Ukraine big man Kronken Bondar, and Kentucky guard Zahedi Aybar.